Tensegrity T-prism Numero Uno: Turnbuckles Rule

Hey, howsbout a post with nothing about politics or current affairs. Yeehaw. Built my first tensegrity model that I don’t consider totally home-spun. A 3 T-prism, it’s composed of dowel rods, wire weave, screw eyes, and turnbuckles! I especially like the turnbuckles. Makes for getting the tension just so, something that I’d been having trouble with in the past with smaller models, which, sadly, are no longer with us. Bonus feature: turnbuckles allow for taking the sucker apart easy for storage.

Tensegrity T-prism
Tensegrity T-prism 2
Tensegrity T-prism 3
Tensegrity Turnbuckle


2 Responses to Tensegrity T-prism Numero Uno: Turnbuckles Rule

  1. Polona says:

    Hello! I like those turnbuckles. What size are they? Where did you get them (the price?) I’m studying architecture in Slovenia and found interest in building (trying to) tensegrity structures. I’ve been using elastic cords and wooden dowels, which works well for low structures but collapses under weight, so I’d like to try the turnbuckles… Thank you!

  2. Kelson says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! The turnbuckles i use are from the local hardware store. Smallest on the shelf. Fully opened, they’ll cross the palm of my hand.

    I’m not sure if you have any such analogues in your area, so you might have to order them special. I’d try http://www.mcmaster.com/ as they have some superior selection and service.

    Please let me know how your project goes and have a great year!

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