August 25, 2009

Going through some old posts, seeing what I liked in terms of this space being about something. Tensegrity is on the list for sure.

Meanwhile, somewhere on teh internets I stumbled on to a model building scheme wherein one takes bamboo skewers (for, say, kabobs) an epoxies electrical ring terminals to the ends. These make great bolt connectors, that bend according to strut length almost automagically, due to the thin-ness of the aluminum rings. As soon as I re-find the page, I’ll link to it.

In the meantime, there’s offline investigations into a possible Otrag design enhancement, a short story in the works about the last capitalist, more schooling, more drooling, more sickness, more health.


Clean up and onwards.

August 19, 2009

Sometimes it’s good to start fresh.

And I guess what we’re saying is to figure out where you are, as somebody who wants to get better. We’re assuming you wanna become like a lion of this stuff. And I guess what we’re saying is we wanna help you figure out whatever it is that you wanna do — and whatever outcome you wanna see as a result, how do you use a platform like personal publishing to become really great, to really become kind of like the go-to person for whatever the topic you’re obsessed with is.

From here.

Someday I might bring the older posts out of retirement. Maybe. We’ll see. zzzzzzzzzzz