I love my Havana Joe boots.

They’re slip on, with that nifty elastic insert that I think Blundstone invented originally, but the HJ’s are made in Spain instead of India.  I don’t know how much of a difference that makes, but after trying both of the brands out at Altman’s in Chicago, the Joe’s were definitely a better fit for my foots, the soles are more robust and simply feel more comfortable.

They were a tad pricier than the Blunnies, but this was an emergency, as my ten dollar walmart specials literally exploded on the Magnificent Mile.  I figgered “Well, this experience is unlikely to shoe up again, and the HJ’s do feel realllllllly good so….” Yeah, I blew the rest of my travel money on a new pair of boots.  And I will add this:  The Joe’s prolly saved my Chicago walking experience.

I’ve never owned a pair of shoes before that make my feet smile.  It’s…bizarre.  And I like it.  I like it a lot.


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