I’m a writer, comprehensive enthusiast, and currently XML jockey in Kansas.  Even better, I’m a dad!  Life should be about “shooting for the moon”, and I want to find out what it takes to beat circumstance.


3 Responses to About

  1. bibomedia says:


  2. linus r. says:


    There is no need to “walk on the moon”…. just be a comfortable arm-chair astronaut!…. this is why Eno did the soundtrack to the documentary “For All Mankind”….

  3. Kelson says:

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I dunno, though. The Moon is like Everest for me.

    ‘Course, the Moon is expanding it’s orbit at 1.5 inches per year. Everest is increasing in height by two inches a year. So, at .5 inches gain per year, it’ll take (given that the average distance to the moon is 15,136,704,000 inches) 30,273,408,000 years for them to scrape each other. And that’s assuming the earth decides to turn itself into a carrot. Which would make for some interesting geopoliticks…

    Of course, 30 trillion years is a little over 2200 times the age of the universe, so, wow. Maybe armchairs are a better way to go…

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