Fifteen Points of Nuthin’ Doin’.

October 29, 2009
  1. Rezoning of Texas to include the National Solar Energy Grid Supply.
  2. Nationalization of all industries that have profits over one billion (US).
  3. Moving Wal-Mart to Afghanistan.
  4. McDonald’s to the Iraq.
  5. Open Cuba, nix Gitmo.
  6. Elimination of national borders.
  7. Elimination of No Child Left Behind.
  8. Moderate restructuring of the income tax, including a ‘negative’ income tax for wage earner’s below the poverty line.
  9. Rescheduling of certain pharmacological.
  10. No war or ‘police action’ without public referendum, and everyone who vote’s ‘yes’ gets to go to the front.
  11. Repeal of PATRIOT act sunset items that. just. keep. coming. back.
  12. Introduction of initialized legislature:  you must put your signature on each part of the bill you’re about to pass…
  13. Redefine the roles of the CIA/FBI/et al. that is under the DHS as, in their stead, the National Bureau of Information, which would broker data out to all citizens and have limited powers of arrest/search/seizure.
  14. Ocean thermal energy conversion plants in Hawai’i, Haiti, and Puerto Rico.
  15. A certain amount of restructuring NASA.

Did I miss anything?

Alrighty then.  Given that our moderate President is right now having a hell of a time getting health care reform through, I’m feeling dour enough to believe that none of these would even make it to the House, let alone Senate.  It does, however, give me fifteen points to bedevil my congress peoples abouts.  That’ll teach ’em.



Yearly checkup time

October 26, 2009

There are pluses and minuses working for the company I do, and one of them is the yearly health benefits fair that they sponsor for the employees.  They bring in some staff from Lawrence Memorial to draw blood, take blood pressure, collect surveys, the works.  And it’s nice because you’re still getting paid for going through this.

This year they’ve added a little something into the mix in that they’ve told us off the bat that there will be incremental increases to our health insurance, but! if you sign a waiver saying you’re not a smoker, or if you’re a smoker and promise to quit, (on pain of..death?  or something), quit/and/or get counseling for the smoking, they’ll waive the incremental increases to your health benefits cost.

So, yeah.  They’re gunning for eliminating smoke breaks.  I’m not a smoker, so it’s not a big deal for me, but the dood in the cube next to me is, and he’s pissed as hell.  I don’t want him pissed.  His favorite conversation for two weeks straight was talking about the fine pair of Colt .45’s his dad willed to him.  I don’t want this guy to have a nic fit, in other words.  My cube wall isn’t made of kevlar, though I like to pretend it is.