Nanowrimo Strategemyzing

November 2, 2009

This year I’m approaching hitting the required word count through a slightly different strategy, basically using a numbered  list  to keep track of sentence number.

Using ten words as an approximate average word count for a sentence, a completely arbitrary approximation, btw, I figure I need 2oo bullets on that list by the end of the day to reach the goal satisfactorily.

So far, it seems to be working fine.  I’m over 4k.  I’m still having fun with it.  Interesting twists do pop up when you’re just cranking out words like the thousand monkeys on a typewriter shtick.  I am keeping the strategy of not talking about the story itself, though.  There’s something to keeping it in your head until you’re ready to put into a medium, and that medium could very well be words in the air that die out thermodynamically if nothing is around to capture it.

I’ll put out the title though, just because it seems to be sticking:

1306:  Liftoff!  The Autobiography of Mattias Levi, 2005-2013,

and All the Trouble It Caused Me

The wall is yet to hit, which really is the scariest part of the whole endeavor.  Not so much the hitting as the wondering if you’ve got the resolve to get past it.  Self-doubt is a terrible thing.  It’s important to remember that it’s a conquerable thing, though.

So, on we go.  Excelsior to all participants.  Bring it for day 3!